My way

Born in 1974 in Berlin as the son of a teacher and a psychologist / author, I grew up near Hamburg for almost 20 years. I attained my first managerial positions when I was still very young (older brother, dog owner, class spokesperson, team captain, editor-in-chief) ...


After solid commercial training and my first professional steps in the fascinating cities of Hamburg and London, I studied business administration in the no less exciting Rhine metropolis of Cologne. On the first Carnival Monday in Cologne, there was a chain of events that ensured that I am still married today and that – despite all the internationality – our private and professional headquarters remain in Cologne.


Interesting and challenging activities in the insurance and services sector have shaped me and my working style from the very beginning: operational excellence in the company, real solutions for customers and the strength-oriented use of people.


Because I enjoy working and am intensely curious, I regularly changed jobs and sometimes even companies, which I found extremely enriching. I became familiar with many sectors from varying perspectives: office work versus field work, administration versus management, product development versus sales, project cooperation versus project management, domestic business versus business activities abroad.


During 2013, I founded CibachConsult with the desire to support companies and executives in improving the quality of their management and to increase international cooperation considerably among international companies.


I am still quite fascinated by the topics of leadership and personality, even though I occasionally serve as lecturer for process management or business psychology or can also be found on stage at a Cologne theatre.


In order to stay constantly up-to-date, I try to complete a new training as a consultant, coach or trainer once a year, which satisfies not only my pleasure in teaching but also in learning. The only thing greater than that is the joy of travelling to countries near and far, to other cultures and cuisines, the unknown and the new.