My services

For groups: national and international management programs

My greatest strengths are executive programs, including the spectrum from needs analysis and consulting to design and implementation.


In the needs analysis and consulting phase, you benefit from my analytical and strategic skills, as well as the experience from the many development programs I have already been able to attend as a leadership and personality expert. This helps us to lay the groundwork together for a successful development project.


During design and implementation, my experience as a business trainer comes into play: transmitting supposedly dry subject matter in an interesting and exciting way. Since I was able to participate in several executive programs during my own career in management, I know all too well about the necessity of didactic reduction of contents and concentration on practical issues.


Mostly I really enjoy international executive and management programs during which I support internationally active executives and their teams. This not only increases efficiency in the international environment, but also increases the intercultural competence and motivation of the people concerned.

For individuals: executive coaching or online executive training

If executive programs are about groups, then coaching programs focus on individuals. In one-on-one discussions, I will assist you with difficult decisions and challenging professional situations. Through changes of perspective and different ways of thinking, you learn to think outside of the box. But I don't like to spend a lot of time with the specific problem, but rather with the development of feasible solutions.


By means of an excellent online training series at, I also support people who do not have the opportunity to participate in an executive program in a group or individually in a coaching session.

For large groups: keynotes & lectures

The audience is always enthusiastic about the original lectures, which are spiced with a pinch of dry German humour and a wink. Are you looking for an exciting and inspiring speaker for your event? Here is an excerpt from the current program:

  • "Leading like a captain – five things you landlubbers are likely to do really wrong"
  • "Alaaf – what new executives can learn from Cologne Carnival"
  • "Substance, show, and a bit of luck: characteristics of successful executives"